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Thu Trang (Brenda)
02 October 2008 @ 08:46 pm
haha xD so I hope you will read this soon Trang ^^
it must be weird for those who read this but I'm not kt_your_side!!
I'm her best friend and I log in in her name xD because I want to show her something ^^

so trang I'm using your LJ account right now to show you something!!
you might be shocked but whatever ~
hahahah xD

so this is for you ~

credits to suzuki_kiritani 
I found this and thought you would definitely die when you see this!! hahahha xD
so I hope I could make your day when you see that ^________^
I didn't want to post it on my lj because it wouldn't be special xD hahaha ~

so just ignore this weird post xD
bye bye
biggy-chan <3
ilu hun ^_____^

btw you have a kame icon???? sugoi!! omg I love it so much!! *dies*

Thu Trang (Brenda)
28 August 2008 @ 01:59 pm

Konnichi wa~
Uwaaa!! I'm so proud of me right now!!
I'm still able to up date!! I didn't die like I thought I would!! haha xD
This time it's something quite different... I don't even know whether it can be counted as a 'One Shot' but I well... Just read and find out yourself ne! xD

Title: You know why...
Author: Me! xD
Rating: PG?? I dunno either... Just read and find out yourself ne... ^^
Pairing: Ryo/?
Summary: It's already too short to be summarised...(Gomen ne... I can't write summaries...)
A/N: This fic is, again, dedicated to my best friend, my precious one

Thank you soo much honey!! You're the one I'll always need in hard times... And you know why... xD



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Thu Trang (Brenda)
16 August 2008 @ 12:42 pm
So... Here I am, once again... *singing*
Why  am I using Kelly Clarkson's lyric (Behind These Hazel Eyes) right now?? Gomen ne... xD
But anyway... I'm updating again! (Maybe that's why 'here I am, once again'?!)

This time it's a KoyaShige fic!!
I'm so into KoyaShige right now!!>_____< Uwaaaaa! I just love them!! They're so adorable together ne!?

Title: Coffe
Author: Me! Who else!? xD
Rating: PG?? I dunno either... Just read and find out yourself ne... ^^
Pairing: KoyaShige
Summary: Koyama drank too much coffee and now he can't sleep, but that's not so bad at all... (The summary is not really helpful, isn't it?! Gomen ne...)
A/N: Though I wanted the fic to be funny, it still ends up totally serious... But not sad this time!!
So, don't worry!

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Thu Trang (Brenda)
13 August 2008 @ 10:55 pm
Hi minna ~

So finally I've found courage to up date my first fic... Though it's just a song-fic and it's kind of short, I still hope that you'll like it...Oh and the pairing is a bit strange, but it's a song-fic that I wrote during my KaNo (Kame x Junno) phase... So, please bear with me! xD

Actually, this is dedicated to biggy_chan . Thank you for proofreading and for the words you told (wrote) me an hour before! Arigato, hun!

Please enjoy it! Douzo ~

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